Unserdeutsch (Rabaul Creole German)


Note from 26 May 2021

Article in the Newspaper "Der Standard"

The Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" has published a newspaper article titled "Die Sprache der Waisen von Vunapope". The article by Aloysius Widmann is about the history and structural features of the language Unserdeutsch.

Click here to read the article.

Note from 23 March 2021

Interview with Prof Maitz

The German magazine "Spiegel Geschichte" published an interview with Prof Péter Maitz in their edition about the German colonialism (2/2021).

You can read the article here.

Note from 18 October 2020

Re-broadcast of a television report on BR24

The evening show of the TV station BR24 aired a television report about Unserdeutsch and the project in 2016. This was broadcasted again this year.

The report can be watched in the BR Mediathek.

Note from 1 October 2010

Article in the german newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine"

The journalist, author and photographer Fabian von Poser has published an article about Unserdeutsch in the Sunday edition of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine", which deals with the history and the threatening disappearance of the language Unserdeutsch.

The article can be found here.

Note from 29 July 2020

Radio broadcast by the german radio station SWR2

The knowledge magazine "Impuls - Wissen aktuell" of the radio station SWR2 broadcasted a 3-minute contribution titled "Ex-colony Samoa: March music and the language 'Unserdeutsch'".

The broadcast can be listened to in the ARD Audiothek.

Note from 21 February 2020

Article in the daily newspaper "Südwest Presse"

The Südwest Presse published an article on mixed forms of the German language in two of its regional editions, "Heidenheimer Zeitung" and "Schwäbisches Tagblatt", on 21 February 2020. In addition to Pennsylvania Dutch, the article titled "'Gutän Ta' zur Begrüßung" is mainly about Unserdeutsch.

The newspaper article in the "Heidenheimer Zeitung" can be viewed here. The article, printed in "Schwäbische Tagblatt", can be found here.

Note from 14 February 2020

Radio report by the german radio station "Deutschlandfunk" about Pippi Longstocking and Unserdeutsch

The story of Pippi Longstocking and the language Unserdeutsch, which has already been told by Rebekka Endler in a radio story for the KiRaKa, can also be listened to as a feature on Deutschlandfunk: "Pippi und die vergessenen Kinder Papua-Neuguineas (Pippi and the forgotten children of papua new guinea)" (also by Rebekka Endler).

Click here for the feature of Deutschlandfunk.

Note from 6 January 2020

Article on Unserdeutsch in the weekly newspaper "Das Parlament"

In the weekly newspaper "Das Parlament", published by the German Bundestag, an article on "Deutsches Sprach-Erbe auf Neuguinea" (German language heritage in New Guinea) was published in a themed issue (2020, 2-3) on colonial heritage.

The article can be found here.